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DIY glue stick
NO.173 and NO.125 are most popular glue sticks. NO.173 is specially designed for users looking for excellent transparency, and NO.125 has better adhesion strength. In addition to NO.125 and NO.173, we also have many different grades of glue sticks that for DIY user with specific requirement.
Item no. Appearance Viscosity Soften Point Remark
125 Translucent white 18000 85℃ DIY, high adhesion strength
925 Yellow 11500 75℃ DIY, high adhesion strength
173 Transparent Clear 25500 85℃ DIY, perfect transparency
189 White 6250 65℃ DIY, low melting temperature for children
* Viscosity is showed at 160℃ with ASTM 3236 standard.