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Hot melt Pressure Sensitive Adhsive(HMPSA)
Solution Type hot melt Adhsive
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Hot Melt Pressure Sensitive Adhesives(HMPSA)
Depends on the demands of adhesion strength, tackiness, and cohesion strength, we have a serial products of hot melt pressure sensitive adhesives to meet user's requirement.
Item no. Appearance Viscosity Tackiness Adhesion Strength
503E Clear white block 5000 3.25 3.75kg/in
737 yellow block 6750 3 2.0kg/in
825 Clear white block 12000 2.75 3.0kg/in
736 yellow block 17250 2.6 3.0kg/in
835 Clear white block 22000 2.5 3.5kg/in
823 Clear white block 16750 2.3 2.5kg/in
* Viscosity is showed at 160℃ with ASTM 3236 standard.