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Hot melt Pressure Sensitive Adhsive(HMPSA)
Solution Type hot melt Adhsive
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Solutions to your packaging system.
Item no. Appearance Viscosity Soften Point Application
326 Yellow pellet 2125 102 Automatic Packing
326A Yellow pellet 2000 90 Automatic Packing
386 Yellow pellet 1500 108 Automatic Packing
672 Brown pellet 950 80 UV vanishing carton packing
168P Clear yellow pellet 11500 102 UV vanishing carton packing
416E Clear white pellet 2625 80 Food Packing, straw, beverage
816 Clear white block 5875 80 OPP bag sealing adhesive
825 Clear white block 12000 90 frozen food packing
503E Clear white block 5000 88 PP/PE plastic box packing
* Viscosity is showed at 160℃ with ASTM 3236 standard.