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Hot melt Pressure Sensitive Adhsive(HMPSA)
Solution Type hot melt Adhsive
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Shoes Industry
Hot melt adhesive have been enourmously used in making shoes for the benefits of environment friendly,
100% no solvent, non-poisonous, economical, and quick setting for high speed production line.
Item no. Appearance Viscosity Soften Point Application
605S Clear white block 6500 105℃ foam of counter, insole fixing
503 Clear white block 7000 94℃ foam of counter, insole fixing
503E Clear white block 5000 88℃ foam of counter, insole fixing
503S Clear white block 14250 105℃ foam of counter, insole fixing
465 Clear white block 10500 92℃ Medium Sole, heels
465E Clear white block 3875 90℃ Medium Sole, heels
9905 Yellow pellet 26000 115℃ Toe-Puff
452 Clear white block 11000 98℃ High tension strength glue
1019 White pellet 5500 125℃ Edge folding glue
930 yellow pellet 2750 105℃ Edge folding glue
943 white block 10750 120℃ quarter, instep enforcement fixing glue
* Viscosity is showed at 160℃ with ASTM 3236 standard.